Kiko Pangilinan allocates P1M funding for OPM; vows yearly funding in the next 3 years

October 18, 2011

News Release
October 18, 2011

Senator Kiko Pangilinan allocates P1M in support of the local music industry, hoping that it will jumpstart the ailing sector.

“Arts and culture are what define a nation. It is our identity, part of who we are,” Pangilinan says. “I remember when the music industry was thriving. We must do all that we can to get to that state again.”

The Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit got a shot in the arm as it celebrates its 20th year in 2011. During the ribbon cutting ceremony of the OPM fair in Quezon City, Pangilinan says he plans on giving yearly support until his term ends in 2013.

“Three years of continued support should be enough to give the industry the momentum it needs. In my conversation with Joey Ayala, I asked him why when I listen to Mozart it stimulates my brain, while when I listen to OPM it goes straight to my heart. He tells me ‘it’s the spirit of our forefathers that live within you.’ ‘Yun ang lukso ng dugo na tinatawag. We must do all we can to revive the industry and make rich once again our arts and culture. We always say that we have the best singers in the world. Let us support our own—in so doing, we strengthen our identity as a nation.”