Kiko Pangilinan Reiterates Need for Continuity and Consistency in the National Leadership

October 5, 2015


Former Senator and Cabinet Secretary Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan at the proclamation of Liberal Party vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo reiterated the need for continuity and consistency in the national leadership.

“President Aquino has worked hard to fight corruption in his more than five years in office,” Pangilinan said. “These five years of good governance paved way for a brighter future of our country.”

Pangilinan has previously served as Senator from 2001-2013. In his 12 years in the Senate, Pangilinan has been at the forefront of various issues, proactively serving as Chairman on the Committees on Agriculture and Food, Justice, Social Justice and Rural Development, and Rules and was the longest-serving Majority Leader of the Upper House. He is now nominated as a senatorial candidate of the Liberal Party.

He has recently tendered his resignation as Presidential Assistant for Food Security and Agricultural Modernization after one year and five months in the office, where he oversaw the curbing of cocolisap infestation, implementing reforms in the rice importation process and stabilizing rice prices, and NEDA approval of big-ticket irrigation projects, among others.

“We cannot expect growth and development to take root and expand if programs and policies are inconsistent, unpredictable and uncertain with every new administration. All our other neighbors now enjoying developed nation status had their version continuity and consistency. The R Ro tandem offers continuity, consistency, predictability and certainty of national policy and direction. This is what the country needs if we are to reach developed nation status in the next decade or so,” said Pangilinan.