Kiko points out clamor behind Corona’s decision to appear in impeachment court

May 9, 2012

News Release
May 9, 2012

Senator-judge Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan weighs in on impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona’s apparent decision to testify during his impeachment trial:

“Perhaps they have come to realize that to ignore the public clamor, as well as the clamor of senator-judges for the Chief Justice to appear and explain his side as he had earlier promised, would be detrimental to their case. The senator-judges have time and time again said that they were many questions that continue to remain unanswered—particularly on the issue of his dollar accounts—that only the Chief Justice can and ought to explain.”

Pangilinan points out, “If you tally the number of senators who have publicly said that his appearance is vital, you will see that there is near-unanimity on the issue. This may explain why the defense has shifted strategies.”