Kiko to GMA: Travel would be a non-issue if former President were more truthful about state of health

November 5, 2011

News Release
November 5, 2011

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan today says that former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo brought upon herself her current predicament and should not blame the Department of Justice for not allowing her to travel.

“She should have been forthright about her health status from the very beginning. She can hardly blame DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima on the decision not to allow her to travel as there are discrepancies in her camp’s statements on her medical needs, there are those questionable itineraries, and differing numbers of her entourage. DOH Secretary Enrique Ona’s assessment of GMA is that she is fine. What is the real score?”

Pangilinan adds that the former President is hardly known for being transparent and that any doubts cast upon her has basis considering her history. “If she has been untruthful to us in the past about major issues affecting our country, from governance to the state of our coffers, what’s to stop her from being less than truthful about her own health?”

The lawmaker, a staunch critic of the Arroyo administration, continues, “If the DOJ requires a lot more from her camp as assurance that she will not flee the country from prosecution, then GMA’s camp will have to bear with the orders of the Justice Secretary.” Pangilinan also criticized the statement of GMA’s camp that they will not beg the President to have her seek medical treatment abroad.

“No one is asking them to beg. Going through the legal process is not begging. It appears they have been used to taking legal shortcut that they now consider going through these proceedings as an act begging. Until it is set aside, it is the rule. They should respect our rules, and acting as the process is beneath them by likening it to begging is a display of arrogance. If they do not agree with the position taken by the DOJ, they are free to bring the case to court.”



Image Source: My Pinoy TV