Let’s all be heroes like Rizal, courageous and in service: Pangilinan

January 6, 2020

We stand as one in celebrating the heroism of Gat Jose Rizal, who throughout his life worked to lift up the condition of Filipinos and his country under siege.

In the uncompromising stand of our national hero against tyranny and abuses, we are inspired to follow in his footsteps. In his triumphs and sacrifices, we are invigorated to remain unwavering in our duty to be compassionate, hopeful, and persevering in building a future the succeeding generations deserve.

Let us remember Rizal for his fortitude and love of country, for fighting for the rights of all Filipinos and for truth. May we have his courage and strength to speak out against abuses and injustices that we still confront today.

The call to action and service remains resonant and clear today as it was during the time of our great forebears. Small steps or giant leaps, let us always choose the path of courage and heroism.