Pangilinan to Facebook: Act on reported creation of multiple fake FB accounts, online threats

June 7, 2020
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“This morning, a scheme to create multiple fake Facebook accounts targeting those who oppose the anti-terror bill, especially college students, was discovered.

Five new fake “Kiko Pangilinan” accounts have been created, although they appear to be incomplete as yet. (See attached)

Similarly, the other fake accounts bear the names of students from many universities, including the University of the Philippines and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. It has also been reported that usernames and passwords that UP students used for their Student Academic Information System was leaked online.

The fake accounts also contain information such as the student organizations they belong to. Some of the fake accounts are said to be sending threats to the real students.

The students are worried that these accounts may be used to plant bogus evidence that would implicate them in crimes outlined in the anti-terror bill.

We demand that Facebook investigate this incident and find the culprits behind it. We must not allow social media to be used as a platform for identity theft, intimidation, or worse a tool to plant bogus evidence.

Facebook has been making billions of dollars as it turns a blind eye on disinformation and deception. Fake Facebook accounts can be likened to a crime scene and Facebook a willing accomplice to the crime. This must stop.