Police stops Liberal International president from seeing detained Sen. De Lima

July 25, 2017

Liberal Party statement on the incident is as follows:

The formal letter of Liberal International president Juli Minoves to visit Sen. Leila De Lima was submitted to the government 17 July 2017, or five days before the scheduled visits on Saturday, 22 July 2017. This follows the protocols set by the Philippine National Police-National Custodial Center for such appointments.

The police claimed to have lost the letter.

LI president Juli Minoves, who was previously foreign minister of Andorra and ambassador to the United Nations (UN), flew to the Philippines from London only to visit the detained senator. He arrived Saturday morning and left Saturday afternoon.

Malacanang spokesperson Ernesto Abella said the government’s refusal to allow the LI president visit Sen. De Lima cannot be given “political color”. Is it incompetence then? Is competence being used as an excuse for the government’s refusal to have him visit the senator and see for himself her condition and how she is treated?

LI president Minoves believes this happened because of his presentation before the United Nations where he cited the senator’s detention and condemned the continuing violation of fundamental human rights and the rule of law in the Philippines.

We believe this is the real reason too.

Source: http://www.rappler.com/nation/176370-liberal-international-leila-de-lima-jail-visit