Continued eruption of violence and unresolved Ampatuan Massacre should be enough reasons to reevaluate effectivity of ARMM- Kiko Pangilinan

May 11, 2011

Press Release
May 11, 2011

Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan today says that the ARMM has failed as an institution to deliver on its intended aim to bring progress, peace, and prosperity in the Mindanao region, thus continuing with the elections would mean perpetuating the ineptitude of the region’s governance.

“We need to reevaluate the effectivity of the ARMM as an institution. Since its establishment we have seen the proliferation of private armies, past governors charged with corruption, and the ultimate tragedy that is the Ampatuan massacre. If something does not work, then why should we continue doing it? It has been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results every time. The same applies for the ARMM. Niloloko lang natin ang ating mga sarili kung iisipin natin na magkakaroon ng pagbabago sa lumang palakad o patakbo sa ARMM. Having periodic elections with the same system in place would change nothing.”

Pangilinan earlier proposed that the ARMM elections be postponed until reforms are introduced to the ARMM government. Pangilinan realizes the limited time and rough sailing the proposal has to go through, but he maintains that the people of Mindanao deserve no less than good governance.

“We are in the midst of having genuine change and real reforms under a new leadership. There is no reason our brothers in Mindanao should not enjoy the same. With the ARMM election drawing near, we will have to work harder in instituting reforms. But if that is what it takes, we simply must do it. We owe it to our brothers in Mindanao. We owe it to the victims and families of the Ampatuan massacre and the countless others who fell prey to senseless violence and bad governance of ARMM.”

“We will only be fooling ourselves and the people if we think that genuine change will take place by employing the failed inutile approaches in the ARMM. We must be willing to try new, untested methods. We must be willing to experiment and think outside the box if we truly wish to usher in change and reforms.”


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