February 10, 2009


December 22, 2008 




Independent senator Kiko Pangilinan today expressed his support for the Movement for Good Governance (MGG), a coalition that aims to gather 10 million votes for good governance. Kiko, a proponent of MGG component Reform Coaliton, said the country needs to “look for a genuine alternative to politics-as-usual.” 


“The only way to restore the people’s confidence in government is to allow them to participate in governance, to make them claim their sake in moving this country forward, and in the process promote transparency in public service. We are very optimistic about the Movement for Good Governance because it is about concerned citizens coming togther to empower other Filipinos, educate and inspire them to get the country back up to it’s feet through an informed citizenry,” Kiko said. 


“While people foucs on the 2010 Elections as we should, the real work starts as early as now. All talks of the Presidential Elections will be in vain if we do not have a credible election process, and to have integrity in our polls, we need our people to participate in selecting our future leaders and guard their votes. We need to maximize the power of the technology that’s already available to us to bring transparency in our elections and weed out corrupt officials in government,” Kiko added. 


“We must modernize the election process, clean up our voters list and eradicate corruptiom in the ranks of Comelec.My proposal is to publicize the names of Comelec regional, provincial, city and minicipal directors in localities with the help of the media to ensure that people know where to go and what to do in case of campaign and elections violations. We also push for the immediate announcement of election results nationwide in the national level even before the results are transported in the national canvassing board to minimize manipulations of figures. Ang tututol lang sa ganitong proseso at ang may mga tinatago. For us to bring back faith in the elections, we need to see genuine change in how we put people to power, and the MGG members see this same inportance in 2010 and beyond,” Kiko ended. ###