Kiko Pangilinan commends JBC on standing its ground; urges the council not to cave in to pressure

August 4, 2009

Press Release
August 4, 2009


Independent Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan lauds the Judicial Bar and Council’s refusal to modify its shortlist of Supreme Court Justices that PGMA returned.

“The JBC is merely asserting its constitutional mandate by standing its ground. The president cannot go against this. It’s a basic institutional process of check and balance.”

Pangilinan urges the JBC not to give in to political pressure. “It has happened in the past that the JBC made a 180 degree turnaround in a position taken on an issue, and we hope that this will not happen in this case,” the former senate representative to the JBC says. 

Pangilinan also questions Malacanang’s statement of a constitutional crisis if the JBC insists on its list. “We are dumbfounded by these statements. Why should the administration pressure a constitutionally appointed body to do its bidding?” 

“What the administration should do is give a plausible explanation as to why they find the list unacceptable other than them exercising their executive privilege. These privileges should be exercised with discretion so as not to be misconstrued as an abuse of power.”