Kiko Pangilinan demands admin to conduct a thorough investigation of bombings, “don’t round up usual suspects”

July 6, 2009

Press Release
July 5, 2009

“Is there anyone in this administration with enough credibility to tell the public exactly what is going on? Or will we be forever victims of poor police and intelligence work that lead to nowhere?”
Independent senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan challenges authorities to come up with hard evidence and put perpetrators behind the string of bombings in jail.
“We condemn this latest act of senseless violence,” says Pangilinan of the most recent bombing in Cotobato City which killed 5 people. “We call on the government to find the culprits behind this latest bomb blast. Clearly there are anti-democratic forces at work, and we call on this government to go beyond rounding up usual suspects and get to the bottom of what appears to be a concerted effort taking place in many parts of the country to sow panic and instability.”
“We demand an in-depth investigation, and we caution the government from drawing conclusions without first securing compelling evidence.”