Kiko Pangilinan: Farmers’ income must increase as government targets Agricultural self-sufficiency

September 29, 2010

Press Release
September 29, 2010

Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan today says that the Department of Agriculture’s target of food self-sufficiency in three years must be anchored on improving the status and incomes of the country’s farmers.

“Upping the income of our farmers should be directly proportional to the DA’s target of self-sufficiency. We must put programs in place that will alleviate poverty in our rural areas. Only then can we say that our country has fully benifitted from these programs”

Pangilinan, Chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture lauds the DA’s goal of achieving food security in three years, but told officials that a roadmap must be made to ensure agricultural jobs are generated and the country’s farmers’ revenue increased.

“We must target an increase in our farmers’ incomes so that they are at par with the incomes of those of our ASEAN neighbors.”