November 26, 2009
Press Release
November 26, 2009  

Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan holds LAKAS-KAMPI responsible for the massacre in Maguindanao. ‘The lawlessness and the barbarism that now prevail in the province has the fingrprints of LAKAS-KAMPI all over it, considering all warring factions were party leaders supported unconditionally by the ruling party.”

Pangilinan mentions the overwhelming win of the administration party’s bets in 2007 in the region as dubious and gross manipulation of the electoral processes.

“Who can forget the incredible 12-0 Maguindanao vote in the 2007 elections wherein LAKAS-KAMPI conspired with local warlords to make LAKAS stalwart Zubiri no. 1 in the province? Who can forget the burning of election returns by Lintang Bedol? LAKAS-KAMPI aided and abetted lawlessness when it allowed for the wanton disregard and flagrant violation of election laws in the area. They even rewarded their local partners handsomely by providing logistical support for their ARMM re-election. President Arroyo and LAKAS-KAMPI created the ‘Frankenstein’ monster that in the end massacred 57 human beings last Monday. The expulsion of the Ampatuans by LAKAS-KAMPI is an act that is too little, and too late.”

Pangilinan also warns the administration of its attempt to wash their hands off the incident, saying that the public is fully aware of the party’s involvement with the Ampatuans. “It smacks of politicking and maneuvering for 2010 for their standard bearer, Gibo Teodoro. They now wash their hands off the grizzly murders. It will not bring the massacre victims back to life. We believe Teodoro is ill-advised in this attempt to gain political points. The party which he now heads created the monster in Maguindanao, and he, together with other LAKAS stalwarts should not be allowed to wash their hands off the guilt of having aided and abetted warlordism in the ARMM. LAKAS-KAMPI is part of the problem in Maguindanao; they created the problem in Maguindanao.”