Kiko Pangilinan: GMA runs the risk of losing in a 2010 VP run

November 9, 2009

Press Release
November 6, 2009

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan is skeptical about talks that President Gloria Arroyo will run as Vice President in the 2010 national elections.

“I doubt very much if she will run for VP. Her approval ratings are in the negative. Public disenchantment over her leadership is widespread, nationwide, and cuts across all sectors. Given all that, her chances of winning in a nationwide election for the vice presidency are remote.”

Pangilinan believes that the President has her sights on local politics. “Most likely she will seek a local post where she has better chances of winning.”

Pangilinan adds that the beleaguered governance of PGMA has the country clamoring for genuine change, and Filipinos will no longer support traditional politicians who are responsible for the current plights of the nation.

“She will not risk running and losing. The stakes are too high, and the risks too great.”