Kiko Pangilinan: LP’s party process brings partymates together, not apart

June 24, 2010

Press Release
June 24, 2010

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan today says that the Liberal Party is working closely with each other in fielding its bet for Senate President in the 15th Congress and belies claims that there is infighting within the party.

“You don’t hear us slinging mud at each other,” says Pangilinan of his fellow  senator, Franklin Drilon. “Frank and I worked closely together during the electoral campaign. As Senate slate campaign manager, I campaigned heavily for Frank as much as I did for the rest of the LP Senate slate. Frank and I have been political allies since 2001, and we will remain so even after the SP race is over. There’s no rift between us.”

“In as much as I respect anyone in the running for Senate President, I am as qualified as Senator Drilon, Senator Villar, or whoever else might be in the running. Nagkataon lang na magka-partido kami ni Frank, pero ‘di naman ‘yun dahilan para mag-away kami. There is a process we have to go through, and we must abide by it.”

“The bottomline here is that the next Senate President must be dynamic. The nation faces decades-old problems that require new approaches and new strategies if they are to be solved. We need creativity and dynamism in addressing these concerns. The Senate leadership must be willing to experiment and apply new approaches. The Senate must be bold and daring, and should be willing to take risks in order to find lasting solutions to these problems. Our people want solutions and they want results and they want it now. We must be able to deliver if the Senate is to remain relevant.”