Kiko Pangilinan on Malacanang’s returning of JBC list: The Administrastion must follow the constitution

July 30, 2009

Press Release
July 28, 2009


Independent senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan expresses dismay over GMA’s returning of the Judicial Board Council’s shortlist of recommended Supreme Court justices. “The JBC must assert its independence from Malacanang by returning the same list to Ermita. The constitution vests the power of preparing the shortlist to the JBC. It is an express power that rests exclusively on the JBC, and by returning the list with the end in view of having additional names included, Malacanang is encroaching on a power of a constitutional office.”

Pangilinan, who spearheads Bantay Korte Suprema, urges Malacanang to explain the grounds for refusing to appoint any of the nominees in the shortlist.

“So that the JBC is guided accordingly and so that the public is made aware of the reasons behind the return of the list, the reasons must be stated. This will also clear the air and help prevent the public from speculating as to the reasons for the return of the list. Certain sectors in the legal community are apprehensive about the real reasons behind the return. An explanation as to why the list has been rejected will help clear the air.”