Kiko Pangilinan saddened over Padaca’s unseating, calls on COMELEC to show compelling data supporting the decision

December 9, 2009

Press Release
December 9, 2009  

Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan expresses his astonishment over the COMELEC’s decision to unseat Grace Padaca as governor of Isabela.

‘It’s disappointing that the commission took this long to come up with a decision. The timing is also dubious. Why just now, and on the heels of the adverse decision unseating fellow LP, Bulacan governor Jong Mendoza? And what were the compelling evidence?

Padaca won by a very large margin, yet I doubt very much that she had the resources to commit widespread electoral fraud. Who’s next? Among Ed?’

Pangilinan says Padaca has done so much for the province during her incumbency that it’s unfortunate that she is being unseated, as she is just now gaining momentum in initiating reforms.

‘The COMELEC must show compelling proof supporting this decision to erase any and all doubts in the minds of Isabelinos and the rest of our countrymen.’