Kiko Pangilinan to Malacañang allies: Get real; no budget, no time, no public support for charter change

June 17, 2009

Press Release

June 15, 2009


Independent Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan is astounded that Malacañang allies are able to convince themselves there is still time for a Charter Change via a Constitutional Assembly.
“Only those so out of touch with reality will say that there is time for Chacha less than six months before the start of the election period for 2010,” says Pangilinan. “They just don’t get it. Now is not the time for Chacha. Not without the Senate. Not just six months before the 2010 election period. Not without a budget, and, most importantly, not without the support of the public.”


GMA’s allies insist there is time for a ConAss before the 2010 national elections. They also admit that PGMA may run as prime minister thereby extending her term as leader of the nation.
“Maawa naman sila sa bansa natin, na napag-iwanan na nang dahil sa makasarili at tiwaling sistema ng pulitika. The people are clamoring for regime change via elections, not Charter Change. We implore the President to use her remaining term in office to repair the damage done by her allies in pushing for an illegal constitutional assembly. We are perhaps hoping against hope that the President will ease the public’s anxiety over this current political crisis, one of the many under this administration. But we hope nonetheless, for the sake of our people.”