Kiko Pangilinan to Malacanang: Can you hear us now?

June 10, 2009

Press Release

June 10, 2009


Independent senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan joins the public in their collective indignation over HR 1109.
“We support the call for peaceful demonstrations as a valid exercise of our Constitutional right to peaceful assembly, and encourage all peace and democracy loving Filipinos to participate,” Pangilinan says.


Pangilinan laments the series of events that led to massive public outcry happening today in different parts of the country.


“It is unfortunate that a number of those close to the President, who have been in power too long, have become arrogant and reckless and have no second thoughts about abusing these powers by way of pushing for an illegal Chacha.”
“The only language understood by the arrogant and reckless powers that be is the massive outpouring of protests by the people. We can only hope and pray that these misguided politicos still have a bit of conscience and sympathy for the welfare of the nation and of our countrymen to listen and heed the voice of the masses.”
Pangilinan warns Malacanang of the consequences of their actions. “Even the most well entrenched politicians do not stand a chance when faced with the wrath of a united and enraged people. Kung di sila makikinig sa taumbayan, baka sa kangkungan ng kasaysayan na sila pulutin.”