Kiko Pangilinan urges COMELEC to widen information campaign, offers group’s help as end of registration period nears

July 9, 2009

Press Release
July 8, 2009


Independent Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan urges Comelec to beef up information dissemination as registration period nears its end.
“The Comelec now says that 25 million out of the 48 million registered may have to register again for the biometrics data. This should have been made known earlier. The commission should know the significance of the 2010 elections, and do their utmost best to ensure smooth electoral process.”
Pangilinan, who spearheads a Registration and Vote campaign across the country, says his RV group is willing to help out Comelec in its information drive. “That is what we’re doing anyway,” he says, referring to the group’s Rock the Vote concert/information campaign. The next RTV is scheduled July 17 in Cebu.
“The Comelec has to let us know what they need. If they lack manpower, we are extending our hands to help them out. The 2010 election is too important for them to overlook details. They should take stock of themselves and ask for help when needed.”