Kiko to CJ: “Divulge dollar accounts willingly as you promised — or we will do it for you”

May 19, 2012

Press Statement
May 19, 2012

Senator-judge Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan makes known his statement on Chief Justice Corona’s alleged dollar accounts, a few days before the Chief Justice is set to appear in the impeachment court.

“If Chief Justice Corona refuses on the witness stand to have his dollar accounts opened for the scrutiny of the senator-judges, we will be left with no choice but to set aside the previous vote to respect the Supreme Court TRO on these accounts and compel PS Bank to open up these accounts in the trial.

“The verdict in this trial rests primarily on determining whether or not these dollar accounts exist. It is the duty of the impeachment court to seek the truth even if it means disregarding a TRO by the Supreme Court.

“ This TRO has become a tool used by the respondent to suppress the truth. The impeachment court has the sole power to try and decide impeachment cases, and this TRO violates the Constitution because it severely hampers our ability to try the case. The SC TRO, as feared, has become an unwarranted and unlawful encroachment on our sole power to try the case. If we continue to respect this TRO we are not only sharing a power that the Constitution says is ours alone—worse, we become obedient serviles of the Supreme Court and its Chief Justice, allowing them all to tell us how we are to try and decide impeachment cases.

Hawak, ika nga, sa leeg o sa ilong ng SC ang impeachment court sa TRO na ito.