Let’s reach for the stars for our planet: Kiko

July 20, 2019
Neil has moved to the MESA. Ulli Lotzmann has captured a frame from the 16mm film showing Neil as he takes 5903. No other Apollo photograph has been reproduced as often as this portrait of Buzz. Neil is, of course, visible in reflection on Buzz's visor. Buzz has his left arm raised and is probably reading the checklist sewn on the wrist cover of his glove.

Fifty years ago today I was a boy of about six years old glued to a black-and-white television set watching Commander Neil Armstrong take one giant leap for humankind. My heart filled with awe as he and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin landed and walked on the moon while command module pilot Michael Collins flew the command module Columbia alone in lunar orbit. They became my heroes and for several years my dream was to be an astronaut.

Today we celebrate the Apollo 11 landing: the success after many costly preparatory missions, the choice to do what is hard and not what is easy, the faith of rocketing into the unknown.

Let us use this inspiration as humankind face the twin existential threats of climate emergency and global anti-democracy.

The weight of the world rests upon each of us. The future of our children depends on every one of us.

Let us be heroes for our planet and start with small steps of not using single-use plastics and of urban and organic farming and other planet-saving actions. Let us be heroes for our future and take the big leap of not simply exercising our freedoms but ensuring the rights of our fellow men and women, of our children.

#moonlanding #apollo50