Noynoy Aquino is his own man-Kiko Pangilinan

September 12, 2009

Press Release
September 11, 2009

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan defends Liberal Party mate and presidential candidate senator Noynoy Aquino from critics, saying naysayers are extremely threatened by the LP bet’s growing popularity.

“Senator Aquino called for GMA to resign during the ‘hello Garci’ scandal. He has never retracted from his statements and principles. The same cannot be said of most politicians.”

Pangilinan adds that Aquino is not merely riding on the legacy of his parents.

 “Senator Noynoy Aquino has nine years experience in the House and three years in the Senate. He has accomplished a lot but was not given enough credit precisely because of his unassuming nature. Now that he is in the limelight, his critics can only throw at him inconsequential things-his image, his mannerisms, his surname, etc. He has authored and/or supported bills that safeguard our democracy. He has championed public servants’ accountability through the Budget Impoundment Control Act. He is better prepared to assume the presidency than his mother 23 years ago when she led the struggle against the dictatorship. More than years of experience, it is strength of character and fortitude that our nation needs today and we believe that Noynoy has the integrity, the grit and the guts to lead the nation.”