Official statement on withdrawal from the Senate Presidency race

July 25, 2010

June 25, 2010


I realize today that there are political realities and developments that prevent us from securing the needed 13 votes resulting in a deadlock or stalemate.The inability of a majority in the Senate to unite behind one leader does not speak well of the Senate and the individual senators. Sa halip na pagkakaisa ay nagkakanya-kanya.

This does not serve the national interest. It is a disservice to our people who want to see in our leaders efforts at solving the country’s many problems. Instead they see political maneuvering and posturing. Much as I would like to go down fighting, I realize that to continue with my bid would keep the Senate fragmented and disunited. The disunity must now end. I believe I can help make it happen by voluntarily stepping aside.

After prayer and reflection, consulting my family and our Senate allies I have decided to withdraw from the race in order to pave the way for the senators to choose another from our ranks who can unite us.

We urge our colleagues in the Senate to set aside our differences and unite. Our people in the last elections expressed in no uncertain terms their desire for genuine change. The first order of business for the Senate in order to do its job is to be able to achieve unity. With my withdrawal I am hopeful we can help make it happen.

It has been a very difficult experience for me and my family but If I had to do this all over again for the cause of genuine change and reforms for our nation I would. I would like to thank our people for their prayers and support. We fought a good fight.