On the various Senate Resolutions commending and congratulating Hidilyn Diaz for winning the first-ever gold medal for the Philippines during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you, Majority Leader. Distinguished colleagues, magandang hapon.

I would like to support the resolutions congratulating our world-class Filipino Olympian Hidilyn Diaz.

In the time of the pandemic when breathing is filtered through masks and shields, her victory is a breath of fresh air.

At a time when there’s death, despair, hunger, unemployment, misery prevailing on our land, her victory gives us Filipinos the good news of a powerful, persevering woman besting herself and world’s best. We bask in that light of pride and joy.

At a time of discordant voices, Hidilyn’s win unites all Filipinos in delight for the world- record-breaking weight that a young woman bore for the Flag. For us Filipinos.

I join the earlier manifestation of Senator Hontiveros that the first gold medal was won by a woman. And that is in itself remarkable.

What joy and hope Hidilyn, together with the entire Philippine Olympics contingent, brings!

Maraming salamat!

It is in this light that we join our colleagues in the calling for the adoption of the various resolutions honoring Hidilyn Diaz for her unprecedented, record-breaking victory.