Ondoy’s onslaught was both a wake-up call and a test of the strength of community for Filipinos

September 26, 2019

Ten years after, we hope we have not forgotten how we faced the great flooding and how we survived it. Hinarap nating magkakasama, tulong-tulong.

We hope we will always relive that moment of solidarity because it is part of our nature to come to each other’s aid, despite our own individual trials.

There were stories about opening doors to families under the rain for hours, of braving the strong currents to rescue stranded people on top of roofs, of giving up lives to save another.

Ten years after, we hope we are more prepared and more secured as a community and as a nation.

We hope we have given serious attention to climate change and have geared our resources and advocacies in dealing with it.

We hope the communities devastated by the inundation have fully recovered.

We hope we have become more responsible and caring to our environment, so as not to add to the earth’s destruction.

Doon tayo nasusukat: sa ating pakikipagkapwa sa harap ng daluyong ng buhay.