Pampanga recount may set bad electoral precedent-Kiko Pangilinan

August 20, 2009

Press Release
August 19, 2009

Independent Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan cautions the Commission on Elections in its recount of the 2007 gubernatorial race in Pampanga where non-traditional candidate Ed Panlilio won.

“The facts of the case merit some looking into. The ballots to be recounted are kept in the custody of the petitioners and are without locks. The allegations say that the underdog candidate resorted to vote buying and vote padding. From a layman’s point of view, this seems preposterous.”

Pangilinan adds that while he does not wish to prejudge the case, he urges the COMELEC to proceed with extreme caution.

“The public deserves the truth. What’s important here is that the recount be done meticulously and with the full knowledge of the facts and alleged anomalies surrounding the petition for recount. The system cannot afford to accommodate such petitions without merits; if so, the electoral processes would be severely compromised.”