August 28, 2021

Following Malacañang’s order to release the Special Risk Allowance (SRA), the Department of Health (DOH) on Friday commits to validate the list of frontliners eligible to receive benefits within two months.

This will prompt the release of SRA to all eligible health care workers (HCWs), on top of the initial 20,156 HCWs that will receive their benefits within 10 days as ordered by Malacañang.

“Humaharap sila sa bala ‘ika nga, sa gyera, tapos bahala na kalian nila matatanggap yung mga bala ninyo at mga equipment ninyo… Kung walang deadline baka walang mangyari sa atin. We want to have a timeline when will the 95% who have already served and should be entitled to the SRA receive the SRA,” Pangilinan said during the third Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Hearing on the budget utilization of the DOH.

The Department of Budget and Management has been directed to release a Php 311-million contingency fund to pay for the SRA and other benefits of 20,156 public and private HCWs.

According to the DOH, they are only able to pay the benefits of frontliners included in validated lists.

Pangilinan, however, asserts that all 488,000 HCWs claimants should be given their SRAs and other benefits.

“They want to know how long because every day they are risking their lives, every day they can be exposed to COVID, so at least let us give them the courtesy at the very least of telling them when they will get it. It is due them,” he said.

The Philippine Nurses Association earlier said that its members would quit their jobs if the government will not be able to pay the SRA and other benefits by September 1, 2021. 

DOH Secretary Franciscio Duque III commits to validate the list within two months.