Remembering Joker Arroyo: “Our Mentor, Our Yoda.”

October 7, 2015

Joker Arroyo

We were together in the Senate for 12 years. As the second youngest Senator in 2001, I looked to Sen. Joker our mentor, our Yoda. For over a decade we were known as and part of the ‘Wednesday Club’ with Sen. Joker as our wise, thoughtful leader. He was very protective of us younger senators and watched over us with eagle eyes.

Truly a worthy ally. ‘Matindi na kakampi, mahirap na kaaway.’ It was a privilege to have fought a number of political battles by his side. I remember his words when I was a neophyte Senator in 2001 which I have kept to heart until this day, “Brod, never lose the moral high ground.”

I will also never forget how truly a joker he was on the senate floor. His sense of humor and his sharp wit were legendary and I was truly privileged to have seen him in action.

Looked to Sen. Joker as our mentor, our Yoda.

Rest in peace, Brod! There will be more ‘mischief’ in heaven now that you are there.”