July 26, 2011

Providing Filipino Youth with Quality Education through Scholarship Grants

An educated citizenry is indispensable in any society so that people could participate intelligently in the discussion of vital issues and in molding public opinion necessary to the existence of any society. Education is also important so that the constituents in the community could perform their assigned roles as agents of production in the crucial effort towards economic and social development. Education enables an individual to contribute fully and more efficiently to the expansion of the national output and to participate fully in the country’s overall development efforts.

It is for this reason that the Kiko Pangilinan Scholarship Program was established to fund the tertiary education of economically-disadvantaged but deserving students. The scholarship program is in partnership with different State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) nationwide and other institutions. 

CHED-Senate Study Grant Program

In accordance with the thrust to widen the access of poor but deserving Filipinos to higher education opportunities, the Commission on Higher Education has established the CHED-Senate Study Grant Program. This Program covers a period of four (4) academic years, from AY 2002-2003 to AY 2005-2006 with each Senator allotted twenty (20) scholarship slots. Grantees may take any 4-year degree course of their choice preferably in a State College or university.

Educational Assistance Program with Caritas

Spearheaded by the Educational Assistance Program, Senator Kiko Pangilinan has partnered with Caritas Manila in providing scholarship grants to worthy beneficiaries in particular coming from the poorest of the poor. Those primarily qualified belong to families with a monthly income per capita of PhP 1,000 or less. The educational assistance and scholarship program is anchored on the parishes in Metro Manila, handled by CM volunteers and parish leaders who are trained and provided with the appropriate know-how and skills.

In Metro Manila, scholars are selected, recommended, and facilitated in the parish and the vicariate level. Scholarship grants were provided in the vocational level. At present, a total number of 100 beneficiaries benefited from the said educational assistance courtesy of Senator Kiko. Values formation also go hand-in-hand with  the  scholarship  program  as  a  requirement for CM scholars.