Sen. Escudero, better off supporting genuine reforms-Kiko Pangilinan

November 24, 2009

Press Release
November 24, 2009

Shortly after Senator Francis Escudero announced he will no longer run for president, Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan said Escudero would be better off supporting the cause for ushering in genuine reforms in the country.

‘Perhaps he realized that the Noy-Mar tandem will be difficult to beat given the massive outpouring of sympathy and support from the people. We were quick to recognize Noynoy as a viable alternative as millions of Filipinos, tired of corrupt an abusive brand of politics, readily embraced his candidacy. This is the very reason why I gave up my bid to run and instead supported the people’s push Noynoy’s bid.’

Pangilinan was one of the first to recognize the overwhelming clamor for Aquino’s presidency. He gave up his plan to run as an independent VP candidate to support the Noy-Mar ticket.

‘I believe he made the right decision to not run. We encourage him now to support the candidacies of Noy and Mar. We all need to unite behind the true reform agenda our country desperately needs.’