Senate chief must be reform minded – Kiko

June 29, 2010

People’s Journal
Bernadeth E. Tamayo
June 29, 2010

THE Senate presidency race should not be just about who can get the numbers but focus on who
can best ünplement reforms to address poverty said Sen Francis Pangilinan one of the three Senators eyeing the top Upper Chamber post.

He stressed the need to raise the level of the Sen ate presidency contest to solving the ills ofthecountry such äs poverty corruption and injustices.

Pangilinan s fellow Liberal Sen Franklin Drilon andNacionalista Party President Sen Manuel ViUar Jr arealso seeking the support of fellow Senators to be elected successor of Senate President Jüan Ponce Enrile on July 26 the opening of the 15th Congress.

While numbers are essential in a democracy where majority rules and is thus necessary in the race for the Senate presidency it should not simply be about who can get the numbers but more so about the brand of leadership necessary to bring our nation towards a new direction Pangilinan said.

Our leaders must be bold and daring for us to be able to provide real reforms for the nation We cannot hope to solve the country s decades old problems by using the old tired formulas and wom out solutions We need to do things differently he said.

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