Senate live

August 16, 2010

Journal Onine
Bernadette E. Tamayo    
August 16, 2010

INTERNET users may soon watch the debates of senators in the plenary hall as well as witness how they conduct investigations if a proposed resolution allowing “live streaming” of Senate proceedings is approved.

Sen. Francis Pangilinan’s Resolution 53 calls for live streaming of Senate activities. “The bill, if passed, will provide accurate information in real time to the public,” he said.

”Live streaming of Senate proceedings will promote transparency and accountability of legislators. Through this bill, we will have initiated a greater informed participation among the members of the Senate and the general public,” he said.

”We will bring the Senate closer to the people. This will provide the public access to the inner workings of the legislative branch without editing or commentary, so that nothing will be misinterpreted, as they will be getting accurate information in real time,” he added.

There are 10 million Filipinos overseas who will also benefit from this proposal, he said. “Live streaming will also serve to promote greater transparency in that everything we say or do on the Senate floor will be known in real time anywhere in the world where the internet is available,” Pangilinan said.                

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