Senator Kiko Pangilinan: Let the generals face the music

January 28, 2011

Press Statement
January 28, 2011

Government must take the cue from Rabusa’s testimony and dig deeper. If he is indeed telling the truth, his confession gives our investigators serious leads that if pursued may unearth more evidence to buttress his claims of plunder. Bank records must be subpoenaed and bank officials ought to cooperate or face criminal liability themselves for being in complicity with those who may have committed the crime of plunder. The anti-money laundering council too must move quickly to look into these accounts and check if indeed they exist, or existed in the past. These are pieces of documentary evidence that are very difficult to disprove because authentic documents cannot lie.

  Rabusa has given the government the lead; it is the government’s turn to unearth what has to be unearthed—even if it means generals past and present will now have to face the music.