Senator Kiko Pangilinan on PAGCOR providing gasoline allocations to the PNP

August 12, 2010

Press Release
August 12, 2010

The policy of having PAGCOR provide for gasoline allocations for the PNP should be viewed as a stop gap measure, and therefore temporary in nature. In the long run, the practice should be stopped altogether. Gasoline expenses should be charged to the PNP budget, and Congress should provide the PNP with the needed funds. How do we expect to have a PNP organization that will win the war against criminality and lawlessness when it has to beg for resources to be able to do its job?

If the national government cannot provide the PNP with the needed resources to do its job, then it cannot blame the PNP for failing to fulfill its mandate.

We must solve the problem, and palliatives and cosmetic changes just won’t do.