Senator Kiko Pangilinan: “EDSA People Power 25 years after: It’s about time we reap the rewards of the revolution

February 24, 2011

Press Statement
February 25, 2011

Even as the country braces for the 25th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, the promise of genuine change and true reforms continue to elude us. The ripples of the 1986 People Power Revolution are still being felt around the world, particularly in the Middle East, where citizens in their overwhelming desire for change found the courage and become united in the efforts to topple despots.

Perhaps these current events coinciding with the 25th anniversary of our own revolution could be a call to re-awaken the true spirit of EDSA. That spirit was reborn during the May 2011 Presidential elections when we put PNoy into power. What we need is to sustain that momentum if we are to capitalize on our victory in that election. What we need is true people power.

True people power is when all of us—we in public service together with private citizens—are gathered united towards a vision for our country. It entails everyone doing their share in nation-building. It has to happen now.

The fact that we can now re-imagine a better future for our country is a benefit we enjoy because of people power. May we never take this opportunity for granted. Let us move forward towards the realization of the promise of EDSA in 1986. Twenty five years from now, more than the hope that the EDSA People Power Revolution continue to be relevant is the hope that by then the promise of genuine change and true reforms for the country would have already been achieved.

Twenty five years ago the rallying cry was to oust the dictator for corruption. Twenty five years hence and “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” is still what catapulted PNoy to power. If in 25 years, and by that time this generation would have been old and gray if not long gone, and we still have our children and our grandchildren fighting corruption, then we would have failed.

Tapusin na natin ang korupsyon ngayon para magtungo tayo sa lipunan na walang mahirap.