Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s statement on the use of RP flag over Mendoza’s casket

August 28, 2010

Press Release
August 28, 2010

While I personally object to, and disagree with, the using of the flag to cover the casket of Mendoza, there is no law that explicitly bans the use of the flag in such a manner, and therefore we will have to respect the individual freedoms of our people.

Unlike China, we live under a democracy. And under a democracy, there is freedom of expression. We ask for China’s understanding in that we live under different systems, and what may be prohibited and banned in their nation may not be so in ours.

The Philippines is a democratic country. What is banned under a nation under one party rule may not be applicable in a democracy like ours. We are both sovereign nations, and I trust that China, in the final analysis, will respect the Philippine sovereignty and will not bully a small nation like the Philippines on a matter involving the use by our citizens of the Philippine flag despite the recent hostage taking tragedy involving their nationals.