December 6, 2016

1913762_274495520322_7080211_nBongbong Marcos made a serious accusation after Vice President was forced to resign from the Cabinet of President Duterte: that Vice President Leni, OUR Vice President, with the Liberal Party, allegedly has a Plan B. That is absolutely false. It is baseless. He should stop spreading lies.

Vice President Leni has detailed her reasons for resigning and we support her decision, acting as she did on what can be construed in labor terms, as constructive dismissal.

Coming from Bongbong Marcos, the accusation is especially grating. Sino ba ang may karanasan sa pagnanakaw? Sino ang nagkamal ng hidden wealth na nagkakahalaga ng bilyon-bilyong dolyar? Sino ang nagpalibing nang patago? Sino ang sanay sa mga galawang pailalim? Bongbong Marcos’s accusation is a projection of his own Plan B to regain power at the expense of history, at the expense of those killed tortured and made to disappear, and at the expense of every Filipino born to the Marcos debt.

We are here to serve the interest of our people. We are here to help the administration achieve its goals to bring down poverty, provide more jobs, and bring more food on the Filipino table. Nandito kami para tumulong. We call on all Filipinos to follow VP Leni’s lead in voicing out our position to defining issues of our time, whether it is in support of or in opposition to the administration.

Scaring people into keeping their opinions to themselves is part of a dictator’s arsenal of weapons. We have fought against these weapons once – and won.

Today, we use our freedom to voice out our views on policies based on facts, our values and our principles. Let us not surrender that freedom again, not to bullies and not to dictators.