Statement of Sen. Kiko Pangilinan on Drug Killings and Due Process

September 5, 2016

When Mary Jane Veloso was to be executed in April 2015 after being convicted in Indonesia for bringing in 2.6 kilos of heroin, the entire country rallied behind her and vigorously opposed her execution. The Filipino people saw her as a victim of international drug syndicates preying on her poverty and luring her with the promises of money she desperately needed.

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Today, we now see over 2000 drug peddlers/addicts being killed in broad daylight, the vast majority of whom are poor and destitute. Many of them have likewise been lured into becoming couriers and peddlers because of their poverty and the promise of money by drug syndicates many of which are run by corrupt policemen and local politicians.

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In April 2015, we saw Mary Jane Veloso as a victim who was taken advantage of and exploited and thus undeserving of death. Today, we see the local peddlers and couriers who, like Mary Jane are impoverished, as criminals who are less than human and who deserve to be put to death. What happened to us?

Nung bibitayin na si Mary Jane Veloso nung Abril 2015 dahil sa kasong smuggling ng 2.6 kilos ng iligal na droga na heroin sa Indonesia, tinutulan ng buong bansa ang kanyang pagbitay dahil sa paniniwala na ginamit lamang siya at nabiktima ng mga sindikato na sinamantala ang kanyang kahirapan.

Ngayong September 2016, mahigit 2000 mga mga pusher at addict na ang napapatay araw-araw mula Mayo 2016. Katulad ni Mary Jane marami sa mga napatay ay mahirap nating mga kababayan na ginamit at nilinlang ng mga sindikato na karamihan ay pinapatakbo ng mga corrupt na pulis at mga lokal na pulitiko.

Nung Abril 2015, ang tingin natin kay Mary Jane Veloso ay isang biktima na hindi dapat bitayin. Ngayon ang tingin natin sa mga mahihirap na peddler at pusher na kumapit sa patalim at ginamit ng mga sindikato bilang mga kriminal na dapat lang patayin. Ano ang nangyari sa atin?

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