Transparency in SC appointments urged

July 19, 2009

Manila Bulletin

Cebu City – Calling for more support from the people in making sure that there will be transparency in the appointment of the next Supreme Court (SC) justices, the Bantay Korte Suprema (BKS) urged Cebuanos to join their cause. 

The SC is considered the final arbiter of legal controversies in the country, stressed the BKS.
The BKS, a watchdog group focusing on the judiciary and the selection of the next set of appointees to the Supreme Court believes the current system does not promote transparency and tends to create negative speculations among the public.
The group recently conducted an information dissemination and orientation forum amongst of the legal sector here.
In attendance were various legal personalities including Criminal Law authority Judge Meindrado Paredes, former IBP Cebu presidents, law students and law professors.
Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, convenor of the group during the forum here, stressed the need for strong intervention by stakeholders to ensure greater transparency in choosing the next SC justices as their appointments are usually influenced by political figures.

Only one person, in fact, the Philippine President, has the power to appoint SC justices upon the recommendation of the Judicial and Bar Council. 

Pangilinan underlined that the selection process must be transparent to avoid doubts on the very credibility of the next appointments.
The BKS stressed that the SC holds great power and responsibility over the people and the entire Government system, thus, the urgent call for transparency in the appointment process.
It asked for more public participation in the evaluation of the fitness, integrity and competence of nominees to the SC.


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