COMELEC and Political Candidates for 2010 elections

July 19, 2009

Comelec has just released Resolution 8646 detailing the dates and schedules of their activities for the 2010 elections. For those who want to register their organizations as partylist groups, the deadline is on August 17, 2009, or a month from now. Deadline for nominating party representatives for all elective posts is slated on September while filing of candidacies will start on November 20 and end on the 30th, 2009. Meaning, the formal start of political campaign pressure will be next month, August.

As of this point, there still seems to be no definitive tandems as yet, although what is quite clear at this juncture is the candidacy of Mar Roxas for the presidency. Mar Roxas just released the second Padyak installment (check it out in YouTube). There are strong rumours of a Roxas-Pangilinan tandem.  

Manny Villar is still suspiciously silent. He is brokering a de Castro deal, although I think it is only feasible if Lakas-Kampi fails to nominate him as their standard bearer. De Castro enjoys lots of support from Lakas despite not being a member of the party. Some are pushing for a De Castro-Puno tandem, but it would take lots of convincing for Teodoro to slide down to a senatorial campaign. There are really very strong supporters of Gibo urging him to run for the top post.


If Lakas-Kampi settles for a De Castro-Puno tandem, that would open the possibility of Teodoro running as an independent, which, would be a kiss of death for him since he does not have a very strong grassroots machinery. He could, however, team up with Chiz Escudero, should NPC decides not to make Loren Legarda as standard bearer. The chances of Legarda being the NPC presidential candidate is very slim, at this point. Yes, Legarda may probably end up as Joseph Estrada’s running mate.


So, for now, the possible tandems are the following:


Mar-Kiko for the Liberal Party


Manny Villar for the Nacionalista (Villar-De Castro or De Castro-Villar are possibilities)


De Castro-Puno or Teodoro-Puno or De Castro-Teodoro for Lakas Kampi


Teodoro-Escudero or Escudero-Teodoro or Escudero-Legarda for NPC


Estrada-Legarda for UNO


For the senatoriables, those who expressed their desires already are the following:

1. Grace Padaca, governor of Isabela

2. Joey de Venecia III

3. General Danny Lim

4. General Ariel Querubin

5. Whistle blower Jun Lozada

6. Adel Tamano, running under the Nacionalista Party

7. Juan Ponce Enrile (re-election)

8. Jamby Madrigal (re-election)

9. Jinggoy Estrada (re-election)

10. Teofisto Guingona III

11. Jesli Lapus (current Education secretary)

12. Edu Manzano


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