Independent ticket will be difficult to win in 2010–Kiko Pangilinan

November 23, 2009

Press Release
November 23, 2009  

Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan today says that it will be very difficult for an independent candidate to win in the 2010 elections the way he did two years ago.

“I ran an independent senatorial campaign then and I know the challenges that come with it. It was horribly difficult. An independent VP run will be even more so. What applied in 2007 may not apply in 2010. Clearly, as surveys show, Filipinos are overwhelmingly supporting the Noy-Mar ticket.”

Pangilinan won his independent run and at one point polled number 1 in surveys in 2007. But the circumstances are now very different, he says.

“Had support in the polls been distributed evenly amongst four or five candidates, an independent run would stand a chance. But this was before Noynoy announced his bid. The field has changed dramatically with Noynoy’s entry, and senator Mar Roxas now has a wide margin against other VP hopefuls. Back in 2007, the voters looked at the choices and said ‘pare-pareho lang silang lahat.’ That’s not the case today as the overwhelming support for Noynoy’s candidacy is unprecedented, and his strong support is pulling up Mar’s VP candidacy to the detriment of any other VP bid, more so an independent VP campaign.”