Kiko Pangilinan asks COMELEC to extend Overseas Absentee registration and COMELEC office hours nationwide

September 13, 2009

Press Release
September 11, 2009

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan urges the COMELEC to re-open Overseas Absentee Voters’ registration and to extend hours to accommodate new voters for the 2010 election and in anticipation of the flurry of last minute, would-be registrants.

“There is an unprecedented number of Filipino citizens wanting to be a part of next year’s elections. When we were in Cagayan de Oro for the Register and Vote campaign, people were lining up at the COMELEC office as early as 3AM because they were informed that the commission can only accommodate 300 people. The desire to vote is there. We have to let them participate in the democratic process.”

Pangilinan adds that current developments in the presidential race have added to the public’s desire to participate in the coming election.

“Senator Noynoy Aquino’s announcement stirred the people’s sentiment about the democratic processes. Many feel they now have a viable candidate they can choose. Regardless of who they want to elect, what matters most is that the public is empowered by these political developments. The COMELEC must step up and meet the challenges of registering a large number of our countrymen.”