Kiko Pangilinan on coordinator designation of RP by US: Thanks but no thanks

August 3, 2009

Press Release
August 1, 2009



 “Why should we be designated by the US to coordinate their relations with ASEAN?” asks independent senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan of GMA’s elation over US President Barack Obama’s designation of RP as US’s Southeast Asian regional coordinator.

“It’s not our job to coordinate the relations of other nations with ASEAN. Ano tayo, PR firm?”

“We should reciprocate by appointing the US as coordinator of RP relations with NAFTA and the OAS. If it’s good for the US, then it should be good for RP.”

Pangilinan adds that the Philippines must assert its sovereignty in dealings with other nations even as its leaders seek diplomatic relations.

“Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution mandates that we maintain an independent foreign policy. This designation as coordinator of US relations is inconsistent with our constitution. It should be politely turned down.”