Kiko Pangilinan: People do not feel the impact of PGMA’s so-called accomplishments

July 28, 2009

Press Release
July 27, 2009


“As expected, she trumpeted her administration’s supposed successes,” says independent senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan of GMA’s State of the Nation Address. “Yet the painful truth is that data shows poverty levels have not been reduced; they have, in fact, increased over her watch. Pervasive corruption has not been addressed, and our people, in the thousands, continue to leave the country daily, having lost hope of having a better future in the Philippines.”

Pangilinan says the President cannot take credit for the country’s resilience amidst the global economic crunch, nor for the increased GNP, of which most could be credited to OFW remittances.

“The successes proclaimed by PGMA sadly do not resonate with the vast majority of the people who fail to feel the impact in their daily lives. Her speech has not given us reason to look to the future with renewed optimism and hope. We will have to look elsewhere for this.”