Kiko Pangilinan: The Supreme Court should be above all

December 16, 2010

Press Statement
December 16, 2010

It cannot get any lower than this.

The quality of decisions has reached an all time low. How on earth can we legally and morally say that a son of a former president can represent a party list organization for security guards? He doesn’t represent security guard. Even a third grader can tell you that. He represents his mother and their family and their personal and political interests, and the Supreme Court expects us to accept and respect its decision saying it isn’t so and he truly represents the marginalized security guards sector?

Herein lies the highest court of the land. It may be that Hubert Webb is innocent. It may be that Executive Order #1 may not be legally in order. But when this Supreme Court decides, doubts are immediately cast. For how can you trust a Supreme Court with a spate of bad decisions, such as allowing a marginalized sector to be represented by a marginalizer?

A Supreme Court decision is supposed to stand the test of time because it sets a precedent for all cases of similar nature in the future. How can future generations find wisdom from the whims of a few magistrates?
The Supreme Court, to be above all, must rise beyond personal dictates.