Kiko Pangilinan to GMA: Notify Clinton that VFA review is essential to stronger bilateral relations

November 9, 2009

Press Release
November 8, 2009

Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan urges President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to include in the agenda with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the controversial Visiting Forces Agreement.

A Senate resolution was adopted earlier this year urging the DFA to renegotiate the VFA with the United States of America.

‘The Senate resolution gives PGMA the leverage to bring the matter of revisiting the 10-year old document and addressing the matter of its legality and constitutionality. The VFA is grossly lopsided. Japan SOFA provides for the creation of a joint committee asa means of consultation between the US and the Japanese government on all matters requiring mutual consultation, a provision which is not found in VFA.’

Several committee hearings have been held calling for the renegotiation, if not complete abrogation, of the VFA. Several lawmakers have called the attention of the executive regarding the matter, but to no avail.

‘PGMA must take this opportunity to raise our countrymen’s concern with the VFA. Our president must protect the interest of her people, and the VFA continues to trample on our sovereignty as a nation. It must be revisited. If it continues to exist as is, then it must be abrogated.’