Kiko Pangilinan to GMA’s midnight appointees: Submit courtesy resignations

June 4, 2010

Press Release
June 4, 2010

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan today says that GMA’s 250 midnight appointments are ‘totally deplorable’ and that those appointed should follow PNP Chief Jesus Versoza’s example by submitting their courtesy resignation upon the assumption of a new President.

“Clearly these appointments are desperate acts of an outgoing President who will soon be made to account for her official acts when stripped of presidential immunity. They are meant to place key loyalists of PGMA in positions of influence and authority as a means to ensure she remains a force to reckon with even after she leaves Malacañang.”

Outgoing president Arroyo has reportedly made midnight appointments in the judiciary and highly sought posts in government.

“She is creating a phalanx of Arroyo loyalists in the bureaucracy who she hopes will rally around her, use the resources of their government posts to protect her hide once she loses her immunity from suits after June 30.”

“These GMA loyalists must be warned that their appointments will be scrutinized. If they wish to be spared from public scrutiny and controversy, I urge them out of delicadeza to do a Versoza by submitting their resignations come June 30. By then these loyalists won’t have a sitting president to protect them and, like Romulo Neri, they may be left to fend for themselves.”