Lakas-Kampi failed to deliver in 2007 senate race, they will fail to deliver in 2010 presidential race–Kiko Pangilinan

November 19, 2009

Press Release
November 19, 2009

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan expresses serious doubt over the winnability of LAKAS-KAMPI candidates, even as the party holds its national convention, parading its 2010 aspirants today. President Arroyo went on to say that LAKAS-KAMPI is the “party of the future.”

“If LAKAS-KAMPI miserably failed to deliver the votes in the 2007 Senate elections despite their machinery, how will they be able to deliver the votes now in an even more challenging Presidential race? If they failed then despite being more or less a party intact, how will they deliver now when they are facing massive defections?”

Pangilinan earlier today was at the oath taking of Quezon City mayor Sonny Belmonte and other former LAKAS stalwarts who defected to the Liberal Party. Several more are expected to come in to the LP fold, joining in the party’s mission to effect genuine change in 2010 and beyond.

“With all due respect, I think our friends in LAKAS-KAMPI must be dreaming. The question that we must bring before the voter is if LAKAS-KAMPI can be trusted to bring real change to our governance in 2010. We believe that our people, hungry for real change and an end to abuses in government, will not give LAKAS-KAMPI come 2010 the chance to have six more years in Malacanang.”