LP’s differences with Osmeña, part of democratic processes–Kiko Pangilinan

November 23, 2009

Press Release
November 22, 2009

“Because of the massive outpouring of support for the Noy-Mar ticket throughout the country, it is but natural that there will be differing and opposing views in the organization. This is how it is in a democracy,” says Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan on the Liberal Party’s differences with Serge Osmena.

“We view it as a good ‘problem.’ Clearly, it is a much better problem than that of LAKAS-KAMPI, a party facing mass defections. Countless individuals and groups wish to align with the Noy-Mar ticket, including those in the local and national levels who are in opposing camps. As regards to former senator Serge Osmena, it is clear from his public statements that he continues to support Noynoy and believes that Noynoy has both the sincerity and the integrity needed to lead the country towards a new direction in governance and political change. We are sorry to have to see him leave the coalition and we hope that he will, in the coming months, reconsider his decision.”

“In the end, the challenge to the LP and to all the groups and individuals supporting the Noy-Mar ticket is to vigorously push for a greater, more cohesive unity based on the common agenda that will usher in real change in the direction of our nation. It is, to my mind, the Noy-Mar ticket that can truly inspire our people to rise up and participate in our common desire to effect genuine change. The surveys prove it. The agitation and unprecedented show of public sympathy on the ground attest to it. Our people urgently want change, and they see it happening under the combined leadership of Noy and Mar.”